I will distribute your music to itunes, spotify and many more

distribute your music to itunes, spotify and many more

About This Gig

For $5, I will distribute up to 5 tracks.  You keep 100% of the royalties. Yes, 100% of the royalties.  Not 85% like others on here with 'codes' or 'sign up for you'.  I run my own distribution service so I can pass along the additional royalties to you.  

Interested in free distribution while keeping 90% of your royalties?  Send us a message!

Royalties are paid monthly.  

You get full control of the artist name, artwork, track listing, record label name, copyright name, publishing name, etc.

Free UPCs and ISRC codes too!

Stores include...

apple music
google play
youtube music
ms groove
and many more

After you order, you will get a link to sign up for the service at no charge.  This fiverr order will cover you music (up to 5 tracks) for 1 year.  After that, it's just $1 per track per year.  Simple.

**You will be sent info on how to setup your account within 24 hours.  Distribution to the stores takes 1-14 days depending on the store.  Most major stores (iTunes, Spotify, Google) are live within 24-72 hours.

Order Details

5 Songs

Distribute up to 5 songs for $5!

1 day delivery