I will supply Legal Advice in Bulgaria

supply Legal Advice in Bulgaria

About This Gig

Legal Advice: I used to be the head accountant working for the government of Bulgaria, having extensive experience in providing legal advice to my clients in a range of diverse legal matters in the following fields of law:

Opening a Company in Bulgaria

  • Legal process of opening a new company
  • Attorney Assist and Referrals
  • Company Taxes

Taxes in Bulgaria

  • Individual and company taxes
  • Employer fees
  • Personal coverage and pension for employees

    Real-estate purchase process

    • Advice about the process of buying property in Bulgaria
    • Buyer fees
    • Attorney and Notarial Assist and Referrals
    • Live Translation assist for the entire process.

    Legal Research

    • Broad legal research per your request.

    Please feel free to contact me for legal advice on any matter. I shall provide you an honest professional advice based on our local laws.

    Order Details

    7 days delivery