I will voice your video in an American female voice

voice your video in an American female voice
voice your video in an American female voice

About This Gig

I'm excited. If you couldn't tell already, helping you with your next voice project is not just something I want to do, it's what I LOVE.


Clients describe my services as 'reliable, professional, and timely.' I'm sincerely appreciative of their feedback & I am offering the same thing to you.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of voiceover gigs on Fiverr, so why choose mine? The truth is, I care more.

I don't want to deliver something that you won't absolutely love so I invite you to contact me. 

I'm offering 50 words for each gig order. If you're looking for a custom package, let me know. We'll craft something amazing together!

$5 – up to 25 words

$25 - 125 words within 12 hours. (contact me first)

Bonus: All orders are eligible for one FREE revision.

My work is delivered in mp3 format unless you request .WAV upon ordering. I kindly request that you provide pronunciation for names or difficult spellings.

I'm ready to meet you! Select your preferences and click the Order Now button. I'm waiting on the other side with my microphone ready :). 

SAMPLES  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0gMKF9H-NjIYvK1-q5RAsQ

Order Details

Standard Package Deal

up to 25 words of your script!

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I order my gig, I am asked if I want it compressed or "raw?' What is the difference?
    Great question! If we are not putting music under the end project, you will likely want the compressed file (it gives it a fuller, larger-than-life sound).
  • When would I want the "raw" file?
    If you are going to have music or sound added to the project to finish it up (either by me or another talented fiverr) then you would want my file "raw" without compression and once music is added you compress the voice audio AND the music together.