I will get computer working good again now

get computer working good again now

About This Gig

HI there!  I am a professional computer repair technician and I work for myself at home.  I even have my own Legal company here in the states.
Do you have a computer that is slow?  Pop up, pop-unders, those annoying ads?  I can help you out.  I have been cleaning up peoples computers for years and I know the Safe FREE programs you can use on line to get your computer working again like new or maybe even better.
These programs are downloadable right from the net, all I need is your operating system (Windows) so I can specifically tailor the software to your needs.
This is not a hoax or a scam.  I charge big bucks to use this same software daily here.
I guarantee you will see a big difference in your computer speed when done and the security of it as well.
Included in this also is the best free antivirus program I know of also.  I use it myself here on my personal machine.
I will give detailed instructions customized to your computer personally.  Usually there is no data loss, but if your machine is very infected, a file may have to be deleted or quarantined at some point.  I am not responsible for this in any way.

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2 days delivery