I will record a guided meditation

record a guided meditation

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In order to make a permanent change in your life, you have to go deep enough into your mind.  You can do that with my guided meditation session!  There is a less-discussed piece of the puzzle that I believe is essential to your success.  Without Meditation and Visualization, how will you prepare your mind for the journey you are about to take? Meditating every morning will train your mind to achieve results. 

Simply tell me what your challenge is i.e. weight loss, fear, stress, coping with an unpleasant situation, getting over a trauma, wanting to quit smoking, achieving abundance, healing ... and I will create a guided meditation, individually personalized for your situation as extras.

Sample meditation topics:Positive Affirmations/Goal Achievement & Confidence/Spiritual Healing/Weight Loss/Meditation for Stress Relief/Smoking Cessation

Sample subliminal messages: I am powerful/I am successful/I am happy/I am healing/I accomplish what I manifest/I am full of joy/I love my life

Packages not for resale or redistribution of any kind.  Customized recordings available starting at $79. Message me about your project and I will give you a quote.  Thank you!!!