I will blow away your Cover Letter

blow away your Cover Letter
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Description Stunning Cover Letter Cover Letter + Resume Premium + Linkedin Profile
  Lo and Behold, it is YOU written in the best way possible. Cover Letter plus the best CV you'll ever see in your life. Professional branding done so well; your BOSS will ask you where to buy ME!
Cover Letter
Seller will include a customized cover letter based on the improved resume
Review & Critique
Seller will review your resume/cover letter in detail
Editable File
Seller will include the original file that allows you to make future edits to the resume/cover letter
Custom Design
Seller will provide a custom design for your resume/cover letter
Edit & Rewrite
Seller will edit, rewrite and improve your resume/cover letter
Optimize LinkedIn Profile
Seller will optimize your Linkedin profile based on the improved resume
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About This Gig

If you're reading this, then chances are that the Human Resource Department is your greatest enemy right now.

I say enemy because...

  • They are the first line of defence when it comes to getting past the glass door for an interview
  • They are picky and wise (most of the times) 
  • If they say yes; you probably can get yourself a beer finally for getting that shiny new job

You have a resume. But you need more than just that. You need a STUNNING Cover Letter.

But wait. Your enemy (HR) has more enemies - peers whom are fighting for that same. exact. job. 

Who are you going to call to STAND OUT?

Me, of course. 

With 14 years of business, marketing and copywriting experience, and a knack for getting people into jobs and higher positions in life; I have helped THOUSANDS of professionals get past the eyes of HR into their DREAM jobs.

I craft THE BEST 

  1. Cover Letters
  2. Resumes
  3. Linkedin Profile (Oh Yeah, I have over 240 ratings on this gig ALONE)

Clients work with me because I provide THE BEST.

And because you only get ONE CHANCE with your application, WHY cheat yourself?

Let's blow away that Cover Letter today!