I will terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Trust, Contracts, Briefs, Motions

terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Trust, Contracts, Briefs, Motions

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Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Web-site Terms And Conditions of Use outlines the rules people must follow when using your web-site. It includes protection for your IP, disclaimers to limit your liability and makes you compliant with your specific country law. 

I will write a standard Terms and conditions or Privacy policy of your web-site in 2 days. Your Web-site T&Cs are an important legal component of your web-site, especially to stay out of legal trouble.

What is Privacy Policy ?

The Privacy Policy lays down the extent to which a party can use, disclose and manage information regarding its client. It declares a firm's, company's or website's policy on collecting and releasing information about a customer or visitor. The policy should specify what information is collected and whether it is kept confidential or shared with or sold to other firms, researchers or sellers. It is mandatory for e-commerce websites to have a privacy policy on their websites. 

Other Important Agreements for Web-site ?

  • User Agreements
  • Refund Policy
  • Payment Terms
  • Affiliate Agreements & many other things require for a web based Online Business

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5 days delivery unlimited Revisions


Well tailored terms and conditions that protects