I will translate danish to english and english to danish

translate danish to english and english to danish

About This Gig

I am bilingual with Danish and English and speak good German.  My specialty is creative translation of sales, marketing and promotional material and accurate translation of technical material and documentation from a variety of fields.  I have extensive experience in product development, marketing and sales in the IT, electronics, and software industries a number of European countries and the USA.  

My business model is high-level, quality translation for customers for whom accuracy and good style is important and who are willing to pay for quality.

The pricing depends on the material. 5$  will normally get you 100 words.  Some difficult jobs will be more expensive. I will give you a price when I know what the job is.

I will translate into English using either USA or UK spellings.  I will also translate according to your target audience.  Not least in any kind of commercial or sales material, there are cultural differences between the American and the UK markets.
If the translation is to be read by Europeans with English as a second language, then I will in some cases use a simpler vocabulary than I would for native speakers.  I pay attention to detail.