I will translate Danish to English technical documents

translate Danish to English technical documents

About This Gig

I will translate technical material for you.  Electronics, IT, automotive, engineering, medical and other material.  I have a technical background.  I studied physics and biochemistry and the University of California at Berkeley.  I have studied electronics and programming along the way.  I have worked as a metalworker, carpenter, mechanic, mason and electrician.  One of my hobbies is reading scientific articles.  Right now I am reading a good bit of medical research.  

I do not translate anything I cannot understand.  If there are details that are not obvious, then I research the topic on the web.  When the technical terms are not in the dictionaries, I research  the topics until I find the correct translation.  

Normally i do not accept SEO assignments.  My specialty is writing for human beings, not computer algorithms.  I want the difficult assignments, where accuracy and good writing style are important.