I will translate German to Danish technical documents

translate German to Danish technical documents
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About This Gig

One of my specialties is technical translation.  I have a broad engineering background.  I have studied, at different times, physics, electronics, and biochemistry, and I have hands-on experience in construction and metalworking.  
Technical translation has its own special problems.  One of them is that the dictionaries frequently do not have the words you need.  Or, and this happens more often than you would think, the translation in the dictionary is incorrect. 
The translator must be able to understand the content of the text.  If the "term of art" is not available in the dictionaries, then you must research in both the source and the target language.  This can be quite time-consuming.  
I guarantee a correct translation.  If I am unable to understand the source material, I will not take on the job.