I will do a scientific analysis of article headlines

do a scientific analysis of article headlines

About This Gig

Don't let your quality content go to waste by using a boring article title for it.

Do you agree that your title/headline is the #1 factor that gets readers to clickthrough?

If you do, this gig will help you discover which of your blog post titles will perform the best in inducing more clicks.

I will scientifically analyze up to 20 of your blog post title ideas and determine which one will perform the best for you. The analysis can also be done on email subject lines.

Just send me your titles and I will rate them with a gravity-based scoring system.

The scoring system is based on an algorithm that rate several factors that make a good title including:
  • number of words
  • number of characters
  • use of power words
  • use of adjectives
  • use of verbs
  • use of call to actions
  • etc

You get to see which of your titles will potentially get the most engagement.

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