I will send a video script template for salesvideo

send a video script template for salesvideo

About This Gig

I have created around a hundred videos from the time when I was a newbie till now. I have suffered the misery of watching those that failed badly having spent hours on them. But I have also enjoyed the elation of watching my videos go viral, clicking refresh every minute to see the stats.

You will be getting a videosalesletter script template which I'm sure will help your conversion rates. It focuses on incorporating storytelling into your salespitch. It has proven that using metaphors and telling stories is the best way to engage prospects emotionally and drive them to take action.

The template is in a fill-in-the-blanks format. I will also provide a full example text of a script that was created from the template. It can costs you hundreds of dollars and take you a few days and hours to arrive at your own template. And it might not be half as good as what I will be sending you.