I will create Meeting Minutes and Office Reports

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create Meeting Minutes and Office Reports

About This Gig

Do your hands cramp up at the thought of recording meeting minutes? Do you question what information you should record and what you should leave out? 

Most of us have sat through a meeting madly scribbling what we thought were minutes only to find out later that we’ve missed essential information or that the notes were never used.

Just in $5, you can get a formatted report within a professional document with following contents:

  • Date and time of the meeting
  • The purpose of the meeting
  • The meeting lead or chair’s name
  • Assigned action items
  • Decisions made

Packages for Exclusive Meeting Minutes:

Basic: $5: Standard Template, Text content provided by you, 1 Page Long
Premium:$10: Premium Template/Your Template, Text content provided by you, 1-2 page long
Polished:$35: Professional tailored template with logo, Text content will be written by us (from snapshot of your notebooks), 2 pages long.

NOTE: You need to provide the bullet points of all the information needed to frame your meeting minutes.

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