I will add background music and edit your voice over

add background music and edit your voice over
add background music and edit your voice over

About This Gig

Hey voice over talent and video producers! I can provide professional music mixes for your masterpieces.

I can also EDIT your voice over files if you don't have time to do so, running them through noise reduction filtering and editing to industry standards using Adobe Audition.

Sometimes you don't have the time or even the skills to add music or edit and you need a high quality and affordable solution? Gotcha covered!

I am a voice over artist and professional editor with over 30 years of professional experience mastering audio mixes - lots of my finished pieces can be found at https://soundcloud.com/troy-w-hudson-vo-demos

I will add background music to your voice over or video and deliver either a finished audio or video file.

$5 for up to 300 words or 2 minutes - background music or editing.

I can choose the music or you can choose the music from my music source audioblocks.com for the basic gig. Hey send me the music if you have it, I can do that too!

I will deliver a high quality mp3 audio file or mp4 video file - whichever you want.

Order Details

2 days delivery

add background music and edit VO

I will add background music and mix and/or edit your voice over.

  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
  • Background Music
Number of words:
This Package includes 300 words. For each additional 300 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you charge for VO editing?
    Up to 300 words straight voice over editing = 1 gig. 301-600 words = 2 gigs. 601-900 words = 3 gigs and so on... (you get the idea). This includes noise reduction, running compression and normalizing to -3dB.
  • What about adding background music?
    Background music added to your voice over or video then $10 for me to choose and provide it from audioblocks.com - 1 cut no longer than 2 minutes. This includes mixing and output of a mixed audio file. If you provide background music then $5 for me to mix it and deliver a mixed audio file.