I will replace a screen or add a hologram in your movie

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you're amazing! the video is perfect! will be using again :) thanks!
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Trudy is one of the best seller I've ever worked with on Fiverr. Do not hesitate to buy from her. She goes above and beyond to satisfy the customers. Thank you Trudy
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replace a screen or add a hologram in your movie
replace a screen or add a hologram in your movie
replace a screen or add a hologram in your movie

About This Gig

Using camera tracking (or match-moving), I will integrate a 2D image or movie or a 2D-3D hologram into an individual shot of your HD footage (where 1 shot = not more than 10 secs / 300 frames long). 

Basic: A 2D image / movie (provided by the client) is composited onto footage filmed with a fixed camera (camera does not move). Used for replacing computer screens / framed photos / city signs. Compositing includes basic color grade + blur. The final render is delivered as a video (mp4/mov).

Extras: Searching the public domain for images/movies (if not provided by the client), green screen keying, conversion of images to holograms.

Custom: Tracking footage filmed with a non-fixed camera, modelling 3D holograms, delivering the final render as an image sequence (jpg/png/dpx).  Requires longer delivery times.

Notes:  Shots should be clear, with no people or objects passing in front of the area where a screen replacement or hologram is required.  In certain cases, solid camera tracking is difficult to impossible (e.g. reflective screens, jittery footage with lots of motion blur, etc.). In such cases, the client will be consulted before proceeding.   

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