I will do a trademark search for your logo

do a trademark search for your logo
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About This Gig

Launching a new product, service, or company without doing a trademark search for your logo is to flirt with disaster.

I'm a U.S. lawyer with 15+ years of trademark searching experience. 
I will search your logo using a visual search engine that uncovers all similar marks in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, not just those that are identical. This is important because trademark searching is more complex than, say, domain name searching. A domain name search only focuses on exact hits. Basically, a domain name is either available or it's not. With trademarks, registration might be refused because a similar mark is already registered for related products or services.

The search report is delivered in PDF format with results ordered based on similarity. Please see the sample report in the gallery.

Please see the gig extras if you would like to have a 15-minute phone call about the search results. 

This gig does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Order Details

3 days delivery

US logo search

I will search your logo for conflicts in the USPTO database.