I will turn your secrets into prose for $5

turn your secrets into prose
turn your secrets into prose

About This Gig

Send me any kind of confession or secret (maximum thirty words) and I will construct up to one hundred words of prose centered around your secret. I’m aware of how odd this sounds, but please, let me explain.

You can send me anything that’s been bothering you, from lost love to a screaming mind to aching bones. I have had experience with prose and poetry, and I am willing to try and create words from feeling. I will offer three pieces of prose (for three separate confessions) for five dollars. I have samples of my work, along with the confession I had received that inspired that piece.

Please send me a private message if you are interested, and we can work out the details. I will go far to ensure your needs are met. However, please note that I have the right to refuse an order if I wish, although it is rare if I do so.

If you are confused at all but think you may be interested, please message me with any inquiries! You can also ask for copies of my previous work, which I will be happy to provide.