I will translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover

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translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover
translate or record a Cantonese Chinese voiceover

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Description Translation Translation and Voiceover Translate & Recording Pro
  Translating your slogan or catch phrase into Traditional and/or Simplified Chinese in docx & pdf Standard package + record/edit the translation in Cantonese Chinese. Will provide MP3 file. Premium package + HQ files; optional video sync service. Will provide any file format as requested.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
The seller will create the written script for the voiceover.
Script Proofreading
The seller will correct your script language and grammar.
Separate Files
A recording that is conveniently divided into separate files.
HQ File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Video Sync
Synchronize a voiceover to your video file.
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
100 500 1000
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 3 5
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About This Gig

I am a Chinese Canadian that speaks Cantonese and English fluently. I can provide translation (Basic Package), voice acting and voice-over recording (Standard & Premium Packages) in Cantonese for your project with a target audience in Hong Kong and Southeastern regions of China.

I am an audio engineer by trade, and have all the necessary equipment to provide great quality recordings.

I can also provide written translations from English to Chinese and back. In writing, I can provide region-correct Chinese contents, depending on target audience (Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Mainland Chinese, etc.). Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese are available upon request. Price may vary depending on number of words needed to be translated.

My voice is a mid-high pitch male voice. Samples can be provided.

I will gladly tailor a customized offer to suit your needs, be it a radio spot, answering machine, explainer video, or PowerPoint narration!

Note: The voice-over service is in Cantonese Chinese (think Hong Kong), but not Mandarin Chinese (think China, Taiwan); however translation service is not limited to the Hong Kong region.

For voice-over services, please select the Standard or premium package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese?
    They are both spoken dialects. Cantonese is spoken mostly by people from Hong Kong and Macau, whereas Mandarin is the national language for the Mainland China. Countries and regions speaking Mandarin include but not limited to: Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore.
  • What is the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?
    Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese are the written forms of Chinese. Countries and regions that use Traditional Chinese include Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Countries and regions that use Simplified Chinese include Mainland China and Singapore.
  • Which Chinese translation do I need?
    That depends on your clientele. Please contact me if you are not certain. I will gladly walk you through what you need.
  • Do you provide Mandarin recordings?
    For professional materials, unfortunately, no. The reason is because I am from Hong Kong, and my Mandarin has a thick Southern accent. The only (and perfect) exception is when you need a voice-actor to play a Hong Kong native trying to speak Mandarin.
  • How is your audio quality?
    I am a professional audio engineer with the proper gear to provide professional quality audio, and I pride myself on this fact. Voice samples are available upon request.
  • I only need 1 page of material translated. Can you give a discount?
    For a small job, I can certainly give a small discount (as low as $5). Please contact me for a custom offer!
  • Can you record a testimonial video for my product?
    Unfortunately, at the moment I do not provide video testimonial services.
  • Can you record in English with your Chinese accent?
    I can certainly help you with that! I have a natural slight Chinese accent when I speak in English. Samples available upon request.