About This Gig

Your Customers are Mobile! Are you?

We build Mobile Apps

This is a great tool for Improving your Company, Business, Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. This way you will always be on your audience devices & mind. 

I believe that any one and any thing, need to have a Mobile APP.
And I can do it for you. 
Take your business a step forward! You're going to love it.
Check my feedbacks!
  • The app is suitable for iPhone, Android and more.
  • Optional pages: Website updates, Blog updates, About, Contact, Twitter, Facebook, Videos, Photos, Audio, Buying products, and more. 
  • 3 pages per Gig 
  • It is highly recommended to order it with at least the "use your logo, images and style" Extra. This will give your application a unique and spectacular appearance. Without it I will NOT use your logo, colors & images 
  • Your app can be build and published for 5 App Devices and Markets: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire.   Order the publishing extra multiple times to cover more devices!
  • Skype or Email info might be needed

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