I will make a lovers or friends Compatibility profile

make a lovers or friends Compatibility profile

About This Gig

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Are you made for one another? Want to know how to deal with your loved one or want to improve your relationship? Let me give you a very useful tool that will help you understand certain attitudes. (Around 3 pages of good information about your love one and your relationship) Great for sush little money!

Theses pages are great info to help you out. Get a personalized response based on each others date of birth and plant position by the time you were born.  It is not a tarot reading, not divination, but pure science applied to your benefit.

This reports make a perfect and unique gift to impress your love ones!

This is a serious study, give real info to help you, otherwise I do not respond for the results you get. Check all my positive feedbacks, I've been doing this for over 11 years now. Check my amazing extras, a must have if you seek for a life change and understanding your life lessons. Think of Karma before you leave a feedback.


I can do your friends and child reports. These make great gift to your love ones.