I will promote and advertise your website on my 4995 personal REAL friend Facebook page

Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Prompt and professional. Executed order as expected. Thanks!
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Good Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Great seller, quick to the punch and his first offer was extremely intuitive and did not need any revisions. Highly recommend Tuneman!
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Great communication and fast delivery!
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ALWAYS prompt, courteous, and EFFECTIVE! Thanks again.
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Good Experience!
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This is my fourth time using Tuneman and he is great. He is easy to work with and gives photographic proof of the Facebook post. Thanks Tuneman.
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Outstanding Experience!
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Good Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Thank you!!! Super speedy!!!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Thank you! Extremely friendly and responsive!
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promote and advertise your website on my 4995 personal REAL friend Facebook page
promote and advertise your website on my 4995 personal REAL friend Facebook page

About This Gig

With a rabid base of almost 5,000 friends, who tune in daily to see my lost music videos, cooking demonstrations, words of wisdom, and extracurricular fun, clients have been begging me to promote their website to my friends. Now, here's your chance...starting at $5! Absolutely no illegal or illicit stuff, and I reserve the right to turn down gig if URL is not appropriate. My FB page is Google-friendly, so SEO boost is virtually a certainly!

Note: These are our long-time, PERSONAL friends. This is not a public "fan page" - you have an EXCLUSIVE advantage, as our friends listen to our wisdom and writings on a daily basis, and trust what we recommend. We will send you a screenshot of the wall post upon completing order, and it is based on what YOU write and the URL you give us. The more enticing, the better! We recommend 1-3 sentences of enticing text to go along with URL.

Also, please understand we can NOT "friend in" our buyers, as that defeats the purpose of protecting our privacy and yours! The buyers with the best success have great offers, wonderful accompanying text, and, most important, PATIENCE, so that is your goal! See our FAQ below for additional questions, and thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my post stay up?
    Basic $5 posts are up for up to 72 hours, and those who check the "forever gig extra" box will have their posts up forever. Long-term posts will transfer from main page to side ads and home page feeds - this is a GOOD thing, so your ad doesn't get lost, and stays searchable by those interested!
  • If I advertise a Facebook page, will I get tons of "likes"?
    Not necessarily. If you have a well established FB page, & keep current with your content, you will have better results, than if you advertise a new page, with NO content, and hope for a "magic bullet". Our friends want CONTENT - they want to engage with you - content is MORE important than likes!
  • What's more important to advertise - a main website or a Facebook page?
    If you can only advertise one, we recommend the main site. Why? Simple - a main page will get better SEO than a FB page, and you'll also have less competition. You can advertise both, if you double the order, or can use either the main site or the FB page. Just wanted to give you our recommendation
  • Will you write the ad for me?
    We HIGHLY recommend you write your own ad, 1-3 sentence maximum. (more text is NOT a good thing - people have short attention spans). By writing the text yourself, you know exactly what will be said. Otherwise, we will use embedded text from the page, and can't change it without a charge.
  • Can I use my own picture?
    Yes, you can. However, it MUST be included on the order page. Note: We can only use ONE picture. If you give us more than one, we'll use the first. If you don't include a picture, we'll use one that is embedded, if one comes up.