About This Gig

Are you looking to build your personal brand persona? Do you have an existing business and need to re-evaluate what your brand identity is? Understanding your brand is essential to your success as a business or an individual. If you want to be more confident in what you do then set the stage for who you are and what you represent. WHY TUPIETA? I understand what makes a great brand. I call them the three V's: Value, Voice, and Visuals. Many people think of a brand as a simple image but an effective brand goes much deeper. It's building a culture based on your values, communicating effectively (your voice), and showcasing a visual brand that consumers will come to recognize. MY OFFER - Let Tupieta help you get a head start on your brand. By understanding yourself and your audience you will have a more clear vision for the future. I will provide you a 15-minute brand consultation to review your brand or help you begin building one. **Each 15-minute block is $5. You may order longer sessions by increasing the quantity. (15-minutes is just enough time to allow me to give you advice and maybe ask one question, I suggest ordering a longer session if you'd like to ask more.)**