I will let my pug model for you

Awesome job!
Reviewed by jeffcoga over 1 year ago
let my pug model for you
let my pug model for you

About This Gig

Piglet loves being a model! She will jump in front of the camera if I am trying to take a picture of another animal! :) She has a variety of expressions so I can try to get a photo of her being playful and silly (smiling / tongue out), or a picture of her when she is serious or even a little grumpy!

Piglet can be pictured next to a sign of YOUR choice that is 8.5" X 11". One gig will get you 3 photos of Piglet next to your sign!

Also, don't worry - she gets excited if she sees an outfit come out, so she really does have fun too! No pugs are ever harmed in this gig!