I will produce 6 professional and UNIQUE rap beats

produce 6 professional and UNIQUE rap beats

About This Gig


My name is Ty,
I have been composing and producing my own electronic music as well as hip-hop and rap beats for the past 7 years. 

Looking for something to rap to that doesn't sound like all the old Youtube instrumental beats? Stop wasting your time with the same old childish sounding rip offs of mainstream rap songs. I will send you 6 of my most creative and unique beats ranging from different styles such as chill, trap, and even 90's style rap. 

I devoted 100+ hours to these projects and they are fully mixed and mastered radio ready material. If you would like me to write a beat or song catered specifically to your needs check out the extras below. 

This is only one pack of 6 beats so re-orders will not get you different ones from the first order. 

Message me to hear samples.

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1 day delivery