I will let you sponsor our gaming channel

let you sponsor our gaming channel
let you sponsor our gaming channel
let you sponsor our gaming channel

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Description Basic Standard Premium
  *Video ad (max 20 sec) at end of video *Link in description *Everything in Basic *Wear clothing you provide on live stream *Thank you at start of stream *Everything in standard *Sole advertiser of 5 videos *Use product on screen and talk about it
Delivery time 7 days 7 days 7 days
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About This Gig

We are a growing gaming channel that live streams on twitch and makes videos for Youtube. We are based in Florida and we are making videos quite often. If you want a link to our channel just ask.

If you want any kind of sponsorship deal not discussed in the packages please ask and we will consider it and give a fair price. 

If you only want the boy or the girl to wear your clothing you only have to send one item and just specify on the order page. Cost stays the same though.

Other than the exposure you will also get a backlink from our video which does help SEO somewhat. 

Since we are a growing channel this deal will not last forever, and will be permanatly on our channel. 

Disclaimer: We do not guruantee any sales of any kind as a result of ordering this gig, nor will we join your affiliate program. If you send us a product it must be 100% free of charge including shipping. (We have amazon prime!) We have the right to refuse and refund any company without explanation because we think it would hurt our image or is against our moral compuses. 

Discounts available for bulk orders or long term sponsorships. 

Shipping address and clothing sizes will only be provided on approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old are the host?
    Both host are over 21.
  • Can I select which video I sponsor?
    Premium sponsors or long term sponsors can however, standard or basic sponsors cannot. They can be told about the videos before they order though.
  • Can I sponsor a past video?
    Sure, however we would just add your link in the description.