I will review horrible media for food

review horrible media for food

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Description Peanuts for the Performing Fox A worthy challenge! A Gauntlet of Misery
  Something small. A book, a short movie, a small game. Something small and easy to dissect. Suggest something with some meat on it. Some actual fibre and subtext. Or just bafflingly weird! Might be a whole series or a TV show in it's entirety. A game that'll take extra time, like RPGs.
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About This Gig

I'm a Computer Game Programming Student and I'm currently short on cash. Oh! And I'm a weirdo that likes to review things in his spare time and look at horrible movies or games or other such media. 

Why not? Pulling stuff apart to see how they tick fascinates me no end and I can't really stop doing it at this point. Every movie or game has me seeing how things work and how they don't. I love it, even if my friends find it a little annoying as I analyse every detail. 

But, why not work to dissect the worst media we can find? You often learn way more from the terrible than the good because it's easier to recognise what's wrong, honing your knowledge and skills of analysis to eventually pick apart not only what's not working about some media but also what makes it worth indulging in the first place. 

So...Let's do it! Come on! Hit me with your best shot! I'm not afraid! Let's learn and wallow in despair together!