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be your personal writer
be your personal writer
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About This Gig

I love to write. My pieces have been published in newspapers and have earned me academic scholarships. I can help you achieve similar success. 

I am an excellent communicator. I would argue that the written word embodies the most important form of communication in our technology-driven world. Readers will make snap judgments about you or your business based on how well you can communicate in writing. Don't lose out because you communicate an excellent idea in an ineffective manner.

My basic gig is geared toward short, straightforward web content. 
1 gig  - 200 words 

I have a law school education. My brain is my best asset, and persuasive writing is my specialty. If you need a professional letter, memo, email, sales copy or other type of compelling content, then you will not find a more qualified provider on Fiverr.

Please see my extra services to purchase the appropriate upgrade. 

Projects might include:  
  • Landing pages
  • Editorials 
  • Sales letters 
  • Business emails
  • Press releases 

Did you ever think you'd find an attorney on Fiverr to be your personal writer? 

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. I look forward to supporting you in your endeavors!