I will give you natural yoga program do it Yourself to look Younger

give you natural yoga program do it Yourself to look Younger

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Women and men alike can reclaim their face with The Yoga Facelift, an
exercise, energetics, and meditation program specifically designed by
Marie-Véronique Nadeau for the most prominent feature of the body. We
are inundated with exercise programs to tone abs, biceps, triceps, and
insteps, but none to exercise and maintain the most hardworking set of
muscles in our entire body, the fa ce! Nadeau has devised a holistic
method for ridding the face of frown lines, reducing extra chins, and
eradicating chicken neck.

Her book is filled with useful charts,
instructive photographs, and simple and natural exercises that readers
can do in just five or ten minutes every day while waiting in traffic,
talking on the phone, or working in front of the computer, all the while
taking years off their face. Forget BOTOX. Don't even think of invasive
and potentially dangerous plastic surgeries. Ditch the collagen. And
enter the stress-free, effective world of Nadeau's restorative yoga
therapy. The Yoga Fa celift will enhance inner and outer beauty and help
you to put your best fa ce forward! Gorgeous black-and-white photographs
accompany each yoga pose.