I will draft detailed website terms and conditions

draft detailed website terms and conditions
draft detailed website terms and conditions

About This Gig

I´m a corporate lawyer with more than 5 years of experience with clients ranging from small start-ups to multi-national corporations, skilled in handling all varieties and sizes of corporate, commercial and internet transactions

My area of expertise covers corporate law, tax, intellectual property (Trademark & Patents in Mexico), and Internet legal documents including Terms of Use & Privacy Policies for websites/e-commerce, disclaimers/Releases, SaaS, EULA, Software/Mobile Apps Licensing Agreements.  

My expertise can be very helpful for start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for affordable legal support when doing local or overseas businesses.  Most of my work is done in English and Spanish for Multi-national corporations. 

I am a Trustworthy, dedicated, self-motivated, experienced lawyer who always go the extra mile to enhance any project that I work with, it doesn´t matter if the project is for an individual, start-up, small company or multi-national corporations, I always do my best

Contact me to set the right amount of Gigs, I´ll request some details in order to create your document according to your needs

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