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Thank you for the slight adjustments in my picture. Adding a few things of junk in the room made it look more real. You're a great artist. Thanks.
Reviewed by frankjbailey 2 days ago
Ujval will work with you to make your picture or comic look just the way you want it. He is a great artist and I will hire him again and again.
Reviewed by frankjbailey 4 days ago
Absolutely perfect! I wanted to start an email list for my superhero and this is the perfect way to get all the fans attention. Thanks. Great job!
Reviewed by frankjbailey 8 days ago
Many thanks!
Reviewed by chrisweerts 7 days ago
Seller is good, fast, reliable and responsible. Highly recommended!!!
Reviewed by dennisloh 14 days ago
Great, thanks!
Reviewed by chrisweerts 16 days ago
This is great. Tercona the hero is helping an old lady. Awesome job. Thanks. :)
Reviewed by frankjbailey 17 days ago
I wanted my geeky video game lovin character to look like he was really into playing his game. That's what was delivered. Perfect! Thanks.
Reviewed by frankjbailey 18 days ago
Wow...this picture tells a lot. The villain was about to attack a girl on the floor and Tercona comes to the rescue. Great job!
Reviewed by frankjbailey 19 days ago
Looks great, thanks!
Reviewed by chrisweerts 21 days ago
Just what I needed, thanks!
Reviewed by chrisweerts 25 days ago
Perfect! Thanks.
Reviewed by frankjbailey 24 days ago
Great job! Thanks!
Reviewed by chrisweerts 27 days ago
Great work. Tercona will be saying Happy Birthday to a lot of kids now. :)
Reviewed by frankjbailey 27 days ago
My hero and her alter ego back to back. AWESOME job!
Reviewed by frankjbailey about 1 month ago
One of the best things I love about this artist is if you need a small change, he'll do it. He makes sure you are happy with your order. Thanks.
Reviewed by frankjbailey about 1 month ago
After designing our characters in a previous job, we are now working on a series of comic scenes.... this is the first of more to come. Very happy with art. Thanks ujval01!
Reviewed by chrisweerts about 1 month ago
This picture is exactly what I wanted as the first page of book 3. The new villain Trinity will break the 4th wall. What better way to introduce her then to have her interrupt the reader right from the start. This is perfect! Great job Ujval.
Reviewed by frankjbailey about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by evawert about 2 months ago
Awesome skills and very quick... highly recommended...
Reviewed by evawert about 2 months ago
draw Comic book For You

About This Gig

Hi ! I am Ujval Purabiya from India. I achieve second level on fiverr. second I can draw comic book for you. I can draw superhero comic, funny comic, rough sketch of comic, in my drawing style. I am the artist of a very new super hero call Tercona, created by Frank James Bailey.I also create it's novel's drawing. You can see on Google and Facebook page (Search Tercona) also.
I draw comic book in four type of different style 
1st style   - Pencil sketch
2nd style  - Black and white inking digital drawing
3rd style  - Colorful digital draw not very detail. 
4th style  - Colorful digital draw High detail.
You have to choose one of these style and i will draw as you required.
And If you have some related photo or images please send me for reference. You also see my reviews on my other GIG of create superhero. I can only provide you jpg,png,psd file format.
Thank you