I will cleanup or remove hiss or noise from your audio or video

cleanup or remove hiss or noise from your audio or video

About This Gig

I have worked extensively (10+ years) with audio and video mastering throughout my career as a freelancer, both professionally and privately.

Working with raw videography and commercial projects, has allowed me to gain invaluable first-hand experience and expertise when it comes to delivering professional-grade work.

For this gig I am offering to cleanup your audio or video, through professional mastering.

This includes:
  • Remove hiss or noise
  • Cleanup 'imperfections'
  • Edit out certain portions of your audio
  • And more!

By applying subtle amounts of editing, you will receive a pristine sounding audio/video file that sounds organic and aesthetically pleasing, rather than artificial and clearly edited

This helps breathe life into your recordings, which may even already sound good, but could do with some finishing touches!

Every project is different, so you can leave very specific instructions upon placing your order and I will do my best to ensure that you are satisfied!

This gig is fantastic for podcasts, company videos, youtube videos or any other form of audio recording!

This gig is for the editing of a maximum of 15 minutes of audio or video!

You must submit an AUDIO file.

Each file is a Gig Extra.