I will create a online Marketing software

create a online Marketing software

About This Gig

Marketing Software features:
  • Sending sms unlimited.
  • Sending emails unlimited on daily basis.
  • Scheduled emails and sms.
  • Contact List and Grouping.
  • Sending SMS all over the world.
  • Receiving back sms.
  • Auto-reply to sms.
  • Pay as you go.

  • Hosting that supports asp.net language.
  • Hosting that has scheduled task capability.
  • Twilio Account for sending and receiving SMS.
  • Email Package with multiple emails on your hosting. Normally comes free with hosting.

  • Sending and receiving SMS cost depends upon your destination of sending and carriers of that destination.
  • To send at least 1 million emails daily you need plan containing at least 1000 emails as per email only 200 forwarding emails are allowed.

Thing I will not Do:
  • Sharing of source Code.
  • comprise on the quality of worker to deliver.

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