I will write best C Sharp and Dot net code for $5

write best C Sharp and Dot net code
write best C Sharp and Dot net code

About This Gig

Hi, I am Umesh, from India with passion for Microsoft technologies development.
I have 9 years of experience in C#, .NET, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, Sql server. I do have experience designing, coding and bug fixing. I have experience in various domains and used lot of tools.

Here's what I can do for you. I can develop your own professional application in c#(5$ to work for 30 minutes). I can design, debug and fix your code as well.

  • WinForms or console applications
  • WPF applications
  • Windows or WCF services
  • Libraries
  • ASP.NET MVC applications
  • Silverlight applications
  • Performance fix

When you buy an application source code is available for free with extra Gig. Any fix for my code changes are free for any times.

Contact me before placing an order to understand if I'm able to develop what you need, discuss application details, design, time and gigs needed to complete the job.

If you find any bug or wrong with my code, just write me and I can fix for free.