I will do anything related to computers

do anything related to computers

About This Gig

My Gig offers help to anyone that is having computer problems either it would be editing a video, fixing a computer, or getting help on how to build or on how what parts to get to make a custom gaming computer for either yourself or your relatives. If you need help editing a video and your having a hard time whether it looks good or not I can assist you with that. If either your computer is broken and you need to repair it and can also do that too(I might need to back up old data so have a blank CD or hard drive with at least a minimum of 4 gb of storage and above). I can also help you create a gaming computer for yourself or a relative by choosing what parts are best to get or if you are in budget and still want a decent gaming computer or work station for editing and making videos. I only offer computer related problems. I can also do something that is broken other than a computer but don't put to much faith if I would be able to fix it or not. I also only offer service to my local area of Delano, CA.

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Techy Chris

I offer solutins to computer problems like editing, computer repair, and building custom computers.