I will give you a salesletter template

give you a salesletter template

About This Gig

Have you ever landed on a convincing sales page? It makes you feel like locking in your credit card digits immediately to complete your order.

Writing a great sales copy has been a difficult task for many internet marketers. Most of the time, all the good work done in the content of the product stops when the sales copy is bad.

  • A buyer needs a convincing sales copy to see decide whether to buy or not.
  • A bad sales copy will rubbish even the most valuable product in the market
  • A good sales copy will sell thousands of bad products.

I will give you a pre-written template (it works on any niche you may need) where all you do is fill in the importance, features and price of your product and within 10 mins, you already have a world class sales copy to sell your product.

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