I will cure you of ALL your curses

cure you of ALL your curses
cure you of ALL your curses

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Curses are similar to karma's, you could have been cursed, or a past life, or a family member could have, or even a friend, some curses are very strong and they cause you bad luck or extremely mental stress, in the worst cases they can even cause you to have a very horrible death, curses not only affect you, but they may also be passed onto loved one's or your children like a bad disease, worst yet, some curses are specific to effect people you may like but never even meet.

I can AND will happily rid you of these blights, take note that anybody who claims to rid curses from you forever are lying, curses cannot be completely blocked, only stronger spells work best (similar to a computer network, even the strongest network can be breached), strategy is also required, as many spells, prayers and mantra meditation techniques can be combined to provide the best protection, I am an extremely talented strategist and will do all I can, using many techniques to rid you of all current curses and get you the best aural protection from future curses.

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Curse Cure

I will free you of all curses from your past lives and your current life