I will curse ANYONE you want with any curse you want

curse ANYONE you want with any curse you want
curse ANYONE you want with any curse you want
curse ANYONE you want with any curse you want

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Description Cursing Spell Bad Cursing Spell Repulsive Cursing Spell Danger
  Give me a name, and a type of curse description and I will use my knowledge to give them it. Like Basic I will curse your chosen target, but I will also ensure that they cannot be uncursed. Essentially I will cast an extremely dangerous 'dark' spell on the victim, they will die horribly.
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About This Gig

Do you have an arch nemesis, a horrible family member, a friend who deserves a temporary kick in the butt for betraying your trust?

My grandmother had a knack, and a weird thirst for cursing, it was extremely embarrassing to be around her in public because she'd publicly curse anyone she didn't like. I asked her to teach me her ways as a child, upon her passing many years later, she provided me with all of her notes, and her charms infused with certain spiritual energies (used to enhance the power properties of any spell cast). I currently use those items for my other gigs as well.

Step 1: Give me a person's full name, and if possible, a picture of their face. 
Step 2: Give me a scenario but please don't be vague, for instance, having them seem repulsive to strangers, or make them go bald younger than the balding age.

See my offers to see what I can offer, I will offer any non-dangerous curse in the basic package, in the premium package I will take a self-risk assessment and then use a form of dark magic to curse the target, they will be doomed a horrible fate, or an early death (this spell has random effects, could be shot or seep into depression and commit suicide, or drown etc.)