I will heal ALL of your past life karmas

heal ALL of your past life karmas
heal ALL of your past life karmas
heal ALL of your past life karmas

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Description Heal ALL of your past lives karma's Basic + Block from bad Karma Standard + Etheric Connection
  Karma is like a fate-related curse that carries over to all of your past lives, I will heal them. As well as healing your karma, I will cast a powerful wish spell using my great grandmothers charms. I will bind yourself to me or others with similar protection spells for afterlife protection
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About This Gig

Everyone is affected by karma, but is yours really a result of your bad choices in this life? Perhaps they are actually your past lives mistakes, or even a long-dead relative...

Karma acts like a tsunami, taking everything good or bad in it's path, with it. Whilst your past lives may have done some good, you ALWAYS notice the bad effects moreso. One or two good deeds don't protect you from any bad one's.

Karma can effect you physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually, it's essentially as bad as having negative energies around. Before my mother purchased my tutoring as a child to become a medium, our entire family would regularly practice incantations and psychic readings for people, we would remove negative energies, curses and karma of past, present and possibly even future lives.

If you purchase my gig, I will:
. Remove current karma's effecting your life
. Heal your aura of unwanted bad luck appeal

If you purchase Basic - Complete heal of past life bad karma's.

If you purchase Premium - I will generate a cord between you and another person with a powerful spell to ensure that your future reincarnations stay cleansed.

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    Your full name, age and preferably a picture of yourself if you can.