I will remove negative energies including spirit anomalies

remove negative energies including spirit anomalies
remove negative energies including spirit anomalies

About This Gig

When I was a child, I was surrounded by negative energies, this is how I knew I had a gift of mediumship, my mother paid for my training of a young age, whilst I know how to get rid of negative energies now, I have chosen to keep mine around as it keeps me focused, a reminder of my past (I don't recommend anyone else do this because it also drains energy and mental health, I'm just eccentric in doing so).

I can rid you of curses, ghosts, demons, orbs, you name it, but please be specific because I can also rid you of your guardian angels, the process to get rid of them is the same as getting rid of ghosts. I however know the techniques taught to me to target specific negative energies. It is VERY easy for me and I will do it with 100% succession.

Why purchase my gig?

When being taught of mediumship, the very first thing you learn is how to rid these things, for a naturally talented spiritual person, even a child could do it, however there are specific techniques and spells and processes to partake in to target specific negativeness, as the original way to get rid of the negative energies (the one's that amateurs only know how to do) also gets rid of positive energies. I won't do that.

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Negative Energy Removal

I can and WILL remove any negative energies surrounding you, and with guaranteed succession.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to provide anything?
    You will need to tell me specifically, or describe in the best way you can, what kind of negative energies are attached to you. And an image of yourself if possible.