I will heal your pain with energy healing

heal your pain with energy healing

About This Gig

I will use a mix of meditation and distant energy healing on you, for you, to help heal you of pain. I will do two sessions everyday for 5 days for $5.

I work on headaches, body and muscle pain, toothaches, earaches, stomachaches, pain from broken bones, nerve pain and pain caused by burns and much more. It works great on most types of pain.

I recently burned my finger pretty badly on a hot pan and I did my special energy healing technique on it and it went away almost instantly. Same results have been achieved with nerve pain from a toothache. See my other listings for more.

From experience I've been able to relieve most pain within 5 days but major injuries can take longer than 5 days.

Note: I will work on any pain or disease for 5 days but I cannot promise that any condition will be totally healed within 5 days.

This energy can have amazing results such as re-aligning bones instantly, repairing torn muscles and other bodily tissues quickly, healing degenerative conditions, healing colds and coughs and lots more and quicker than most other healing modalities.

You can order for yourself or anyone you know as well as your pets.