I will help Heal Virus, Bacteria and Most Infections

help Heal Virus, Bacteria and Most Infections

About This Gig

I will help to heal you and your pets of any infection such as the flu, colds, and any illness that is caused by virus, bacteria and fungi. These infections can usually be healed in a couple of hours or a couple of days.

I've had some great successes in these areas already and I would love to help you as well. I helped a friend get over the flu recently. By the next day he stated "the infection is no longer active." He had been dealing with this virus for a few days before I did energy healing for him so he was already having all the symptoms that usually comes with a flu or cold. After the infection (the germs) were killed off he still needed time to get rid of all the leftover symptoms. If I had done the energy healing for him early before the virus got too bad he wouldn't have had all the symptoms and he would have been feeling totally better within a few hours or by the next day.

If you happen to catch a cold or flu I urge you not to wait so that you can be healed right away.

Purchase this gig for yourself or anyone else who needs help. Purchase includes 5 days of healing sessions.

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