I will help heal your Tooth Pain and Abscesses

help heal your Tooth Pain and Abscesses

About This Gig

I will help to heal your tooth pain and abscess is a gig extra.

The kind of tooth pain I can help heal is the kind you get when you have a decaying tooth. The infection is caused by bacteria that feeds on the decayed matter as well as the pulp inside the tooth. Once the bacteria reaches the pulp it causes constant and sharp pains in the area of the tooth and usually the whole (same) side of the head. These types of infections can usually be healed within hours or in a couple of days. What I do is, using Qi energy healing, kill off the bacteria so that it stops eating on the pulp which in turn stops the pain.

I've done this on myself recently. The pain in and around the area of the affected tooth went away instantly and the pain that spread to the top of my head diminished significantly and went away totally in about 15 minutes.

I also had an abscess which healed within a  few days. I first killed the bacteria inside and then caused the swelling and toxins to dissolve and leave the body safely.

Purchase this gig for yourself or anyone else who needs help. Purchase includes 5 days of healing sessions.

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