I will help You Beat Depression with Powerful Healing Energy

help You Beat Depression with Powerful Healing Energy

About This Gig

Have depressing thoughts that you can't get rid of? Purchase today and I will help you to beat your depression using Qi (chi) energy healing.

Comments I've received include "wow I am starting to feel a lot better what are you doing great job keep it up thanks," and "whatever you're doing it's working."

How does it work? It works a lot like the Manifestation Codes (http://www.fiverr.com/universalsigns/manifest-easily-with-the-manifestation-paper-radionics-machine) but is not included with that product. It is a special code I will run for you that will powerfully get rid of negative depression causing thoughts. If you want to run the codes yourself you can purchase the Beat Depression Candle (http://www.fiverr.com/universalsigns/beat-depression-with-candle-energies).

Purchase includes 10 days of this service where I will run it for you every day for 10 days. (Begins working within 5 days.) After I run the Beat Depression code I will then run a different code called Blessings & Positivity daily. These two codes when run together will help beat any depression. (More than 10 days may be needed.)