I will send your finances healing energy

send your finances healing energy
send your finances healing energy

About This Gig

For $5 I will do 5 days of financial energy healing. For best results add gig extras.

Everything is made of energy including physical things like money and your body as well as non-physical things like thoughts and emotions.

When energy becomes blocked and stagnant, which happens quite often, it causes a disruption. That disruption has a domino effect that spreads to many other areas causing actual physical disturbance. Energy healing works by dissolving blocks so that things begin to work as they should.

Energy healing can often help tremendously in turning financial problems around or if there are no problems then it helps ­­­you to have even more financial abundance in your life.

Results may be had within days or weeks. You may find opportunities present themselves such as a job that may not be your first choice but if you're willing to see it through could lead to something better. By being open to possibilities usually overlooked you may meet someone with connections to more preferable work.

Money making ideas may present themselves without you looking for them, jobs may open up, financial windfalls may come unexpectedly such as promotions and bonuses at work and much more.