I will send your Pet Healing energies

send your Pet Healing energies

About This Gig

I will send your pet healing energy to help him/her heal faster and feel better emotionally.  Your pet is important to you and they will be even happier when you give them a gift of energy for their good health and well-being which helps keep their bodies in top shape.

I will do two energy healing sessions every day for 5 days for $5.

I will send healing for pain and healing of other medical conditions and diseases as well. Pain can be lessened to a high degree and even eliminated in most cases.

Note: I cannot guarantee healing of major diseases but it is definitely possible and any healing energy is better than none because it is comforting and loving.

Energy healing is as important to pets as it is for humans because pets develop energetic blocks leading to disease just like humans.

This energy can have amazing results such as re-aligning bones instantly, repairing torn muscles and other bodily tissues quickly, healing degenerative conditions, healing colds and coughs and lots more.