I will send you 1g of Gacu, a rare metal alloy liquid at 86F or 30C

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send you 1g of Gacu, a rare metal alloy liquid at 86F or 30C

About This Gig


Gacu is an incredible metal alloy that becomes liquid at 86° Fahrenheit (30° Celsius)!

Melt your Gacu as many times as you want, mold it into objects, it will always crystallize back into a solid. Like that liquid metal guy in the Terminator movies, it never quits!

For $5 + s&h, you will receive lab-grown Gacu crystals for a total weight of at least 1 gram.

In the extras, you can order blocks of 10 or 20 grams of Gacu. You can also simply add 2 grams of Gacu crystals to your package. No s&h surcharge for any extra.

Most of my customers are American, Australian, Canadian and European, but I ship to any destination in the world for the same flat fee and within 1 day via priority mail. It's my priority that you receive your Gacu as quickly as possible.

The crystals are shipped very safely in 2 layers of zip bags sealed with an informative sticker.

I always recommend getting 10 or 20g if you like experimenting!

Order with full confidence! I joined Fiverr in 2011 and shipped well over 2000 envelopes throughout the world. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to me.

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