I will be your Personal Business Coach

be your Personal Business Coach
be your Personal Business Coach

About This Gig

Hi, we all need that one person who would be at our side when we start a new Business Venture, and at times our Family & Friends might not share the same enthusiasm that we have for our New Business Idea. Its a great help to have some one be at our side helping us

1. In doing research to improve the product/service
2. In Preparing presentations, business plans, project plan etc
3. In Finding us the correct vendors & pricing details
4. In Creating a perfects set of best practices
5. In Building Strategies to promote product/service
& do many more tasks

Now that i offer you my Service, let me introduce myself. I am a Upcoming Serial Entrepreneur who is actively building business strategies in domains like Graphic Design, 3D Modeling Technologies, Augmented Reality, Personalized/Corporate Gifting, Printing/Print related businesses & many more

My area of expertise & area where i can be of great help for you would be in tasks involving Photoshop, Illustrator, Videos, 3D, PDF, etc

And to Prove myself & my service benefits before you decide to order my gig so contact me first & lets talk briefly about your business, then i will offer you a customized package. Thank you