I will send you organic seeds

send you organic seeds
send you organic seeds
send you organic seeds

About This Gig

I will send you organic seeds. From the beginning they are from Runåbergs Fröer (Swedish company which sells organic seeds) and these seeds are two generations "younger". They have been produced in organic ground and without any chemicals.

The seeds I have is:

  • Chili Pepper (Hot Lemon - Capsicum Baccarum);
  • Sugar pea (Oregon Sugar Pod - Pisum Sativum);
  • Pea (Kelvedon Wonder - Pisum Sativum).

The plants can live in a climate which is kind-of-cold (think: Spring and Summer in Sweden, where the temperature is around 15-25*C).

There will be three-five seeds in every package. If you want more than one package, just tell me and I'll send them in the same letter. The package will for sure be well-packed to make sure that the seeds won't get destroyed during the shipping.

The delivery time here is the time when I am going to post the package to you, not the time when you will have the seeds. The shipping time differ and depends on where you live, so I can not really tell how long time it will take until you will have the letter.

Order Details

3 days delivery

The seed package

I'll send you one package (or more) with organic seeds.