I will give you the best online DATING advice

give you the best online DATING advice

About This Gig

I am currently writing a book about online dating, and love helping others!  I am the go-to person for online dating advice...everything from:

  • HOW to be SAFE with online dating (yes there are very specific things people should do with their email/phone/username/pics etc to be safe)
  • Your online profile
  • Which photos you should use in your profile
  • Which dating sites are best based on your goal
  • Advice on how to go about online dating to have the highest success rate for attracting the type of person you want

***  I am known as the online dating master lol, and have the best advice for all of this.  I am 43 years old, a single mom, and have been deep into the online dating pool for 6 years now...I know all the sites, and which ones are best for who, how to keep you safe (this is HUGE and most people go about this all the wrong way), and how to increase your chances of finding the one!

This gig is for one question/help, but you can always purchase additional gigs.