I will talk with you about whatever you want

talk with you about whatever you want
talk with you about whatever you want

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Description Simple Chatting More Chatting Talking :)
  On whatever platform you want. We will talk up to 45 minutes. On whatever platform you want. We will talk up to an hour. On whatever platform you want. We will talk up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.
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About This Gig

Hello my is Joshua-Taylor and I am here to speak with you. We can talk about anything you need to get off your chest. We can talk about relationships, politics, philosophy and much more. This is mostly about you and what you want to talk about so please leave a topic that you want to talk about. Right now I'm a male teenager so you will being receiving the opinion, advice or comfort of a youth. Since I am still in high school, I limit myself to only two and a half hours a day, but these hours are flexible over the afternoon and weekend. I can talk over multiple platforms and we will work out a time thats best for the both of us. It can be texting, voice, video on most platforms (excluding personal phone numbers). Im extremely open-minded so don't hold back. This is not a sexual thing and i will not do any sexual requests (such as showing my body or phone sex), though talking about sexual things are not off limits. Its not a webcam show, so please keep that in mind. Anyways, lets start talking :).

Give these in your email:
  1. Your Name
  2. The topic you wish to talk about
  3. The platform that we will use
  4. a time and day that works best
  5. Wether you want video, voice, or text
thank you :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speak other languages?
    No, not enough to a solid conversation. I am studying Chinese and Japanese though.
  • Can i show my dick <3?
    Sure, but your not getting anything in return... (please don't tho)
  • Can we do other things with our time?
    Yeah sure, we could watch a movie through share screen... idk?
  • What platforms do you recommend?
    Personally, Skype will work the best with voice, text and video but I can do things over LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Kik, etc.!
    Sorta a mix between a psychologist and a friend. A lot more chill/personal than a psychologist but not personal enough to where it would affect a relationship (like with friends or family), since I'm a stranger. But if you meant that in like a insult or something... a king :)
  • Why are your opinions such trash?
    I am a mixed-race teenage child. What did you expect an alt-right conservative? Seriously though, I consider myself to be center-left. I am very open to new ideas and thought. Its very hard for me to discriminate against thought. I'll let a pedophile try to justify their actions and I'll be serious
  • Why do you charge so much?
    Im a teenager who needs money and doesn't have a lot of time. Think of it has an extra $5 and your helping a poor teenage child.
  • Do you have a youtube account?
    No but I've been thinking about it... but you can follow me on twitter @urbanjahts or insta @urban_jahts